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Morocco Gold Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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Pure and natural, with nothing added or taken away

Morocco Gold olives are grown using only natural methods. They are harvested early in the season when the fruit is young, with no mixing or blending with other oils across the season to maintain its fresh milled flavour.

Our olives are hand-picked, handled with care and attention throughout the harvesting and pressing process. They are first cold pressed within 24 hours of picking to guarantee extra virgin quality.

Produced from the Picholine olive, characterised by its high concentrations of polyphenols that give it’s oxidative stability, distinctive fruity taste and healthy qualities.

Morocco Gold extra virgin olive oil is solely dependent on the soil, the sun, the rain and the time of harvest

The Olive Oil and Bread


Fresh and vibrant

Morocco Gold  has a green fruitiness, with hints of sweet almonds, fresh turf and a hint of herbs. It has the distinctive 'pepperiness' of a fine extra virgin olive oil giving Morocco Gold a clean, well balanced finish.

With a long heritage of growing olives, Morocco has been producing this ‘liquid-gold’ from the time of the Romans.

Moroccan Soup


A versatile and healthy addition to  your diet

Morocco Gold extra virgin  olive oil is ideal for everyday use. It's fresh and vibrant flavour adds a subtle green fruitiness to any dish. Try drizzling it over salads, soups and pasta dishes. It's also brilliant as a dip for crusty bread.

Morocco Gold - Wins Gold!

All in the Taste Award - food

The Food Talk Awards Winner

I am so pleased to announce that you've been selected as a gold winner in the FoodTalk Awards 2018. Congratulations to you and your team. This is no mean feat as we had over 200 companies entering into multiple categories, so it really is an achievement".

Sue Nelson CEO and Founder

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Testing and Certification

Testing and Certification

To guarantee provenance, authenticity and extra virgin quality

Morocco Gold is tested rigorously at every stage to ensure that only the best olive oil goes into Morocco Gold.

Our oil is certified by the Control and Certification body in Morocco, Normacert, ONSSA (Office National de Securite Sanitaire des Produits Alimentaires) and further tested by our EU certified laboratory in Lisbon

A key emphasis for Morocco Gold, has been to establish end-to-end quality control and traceability procedures to give consumers the re-assurance of provenance, authenticity and  extra virgin quality.

Our Oil :: Morocco Gold

Our unique presentation

Our striking and sophisticated bottle echoes the shape of ancient amphorae but with a clean, modern aesthetic and will create a real presence on the shelf or in the kitchen.

The dark bottle, incorporating integrated pourer and tamperproof cap also helps to preserve the longevity of Morocco Gold.

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